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The PMM cooperates with business entities

The PMM cooperates with business entities

The Polish Medical Mission has been cooperating with business entities since the beginning of its activity, i.e. for almost 20 years. Companies, mainly from the pharmaceutical industry (but not only), support the association’s activities in a variety of ways.

“Today, it’s normal for business entities to establish cooperation with non-governmental organisations”, said Marcin Choiński, Fundraising Manager of the Polish Medical Mission. “However, openness of each of the parties to the perspective of the other one is important, since the environments where we operate differ from each other a lot. Nevertheless, we have a common goal – to change our environment for the better”, he added.

The PMM has undertaken cooperation with companies in recent months. Comarch – joint activities in the field of telemedicine; SOLINO Grupa Orlen [SOLINO Group Orlen] – securing in warehouses of 1,050 kg of water purification tablets in case a natural disaster occurs; SKAMEX – provision of medical materials; MACTRONIC, POLAR SPORT – equipping teams working in tropical regions with specialised equipment necessary for work; GEDEON RICHTER – financial support; AWMIG – promotional materials; Małopolski Związek Pracodawców LEWIATAN [Association of Employers of Małopolska Province LEWIATAN] – financial support. On the other hand, TME – Transfer Multisort Elektronik – has been supporting the PMM financially since May 2016 through regular bank transfers to our account.

A particularly important initiative, in which the PMM has become involved this year as the partner of the event, is the Eastern European BUSINESS FORUM that will take place from 20 to 22 November in Wrocław. The PMM will take part in a discussion panel “What industries are worth investing in in Poland?”, among other things. Apart from experts in the field of real property investments and a representative of the Agency for the Development of the Agglomeration of Wrocław, Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart, Director of the Humanitarian Aid Programme of the Polish Medical Mission, will take part in the discussion. She will be talking about what fundamental advantages for business there are when cooperating with the PMM and non-governmental organisations in Poland in general. Thanks to joint activities together with the PMM, business entities are given the opportunity to put into practice their CSR policies and reach the media with their effects. The PMM conducts activities in partnership with local and international NGOs thanks to which a joint campaign in Poland can support the image of a commercial company in other countries as well. Cooperation with NGOs gives an opportunity to involve employees around one overarching idea of aid.

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