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T4 course

T4 course

“T4 – Travel, Trauma, Tropics, Tactics”

Training in health medicine and medical emergency – general edition.

6-7 May 2017, Krakow

            What do you do when you get diarrhoea in Kenya? How do you respond to a snake bite in Uruguay? How do you cope with hypothermia in the high mountains of Nepal? How to manage haemorrhage on a trip to Cambodia? Are you looking for answers to these questions? You will find them during the T4 training organised by the Polish Medical Mission.

The training will be conducted by experts in the field of medical emergency services and aeromedical evacuations as well as TCCC instructors.

The Polish Medical Mission is holding a course called “T4 Travel, Trauma, Tropics, Tactics: Selected Issues of Travel Medicine and Rescue Services.” This is an original programme created by the Polish Medical Mission’s instructors based on international guidelines and  current recommendations, as well as the rich mission experience of the PMM’s volunteers and employees.


This edition of the course has been prepared for people who intend to travel to various corners of the world and want to get ready for the perils lurking there. Picking up diseases while travelling, proceedings in the case of a bite, allergic reaction, basic wounds and injuries or in ‘active shooter’ situations are just some of the issues that will be included in the course. During the training, the participants will find out how to prepare themselves for the trip, what to take with them and how to react in various health and life’s emergencies.


Jerzy Jaskuła – Paramedic, specialist in public health, also graduated in safety management, healthcare management and OSH management. AHA, ERC, NAEMT and ITLS instructor. Assistant at the Medical Teaching Institute at the Medical College of the Jagiellonian University, specialist at the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine, an editor at the Medycyna Praktyczna (‘Practical Medicine’) publishers and the President of the Fundacja Ratuj Życie (‘Save Life! Foundation’). He also gained experience at the Institute for Emergency Medicine, Krakow Emergency Centre as well as the Polish Red Cross. He has been associated with the PMM since 2009. He took part in various projects, inter alia in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Kenia, Serbia and Papua New Guinea. In his spare time, he organises meetings in the series ‘Emergency Rescue in Spare Time’ (Ratownictwo Po Godzinach), likes exotic travels and reading good books in a hammock, and he longs for diving.

Tomasz Sanak – Assistant at the Department of Battlefield Medicine at the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw and at the Department of Disaster and Emergency Medicine at the Chair of Anaesthesiology Intensive Therapy at the Medical College of the Jagiellonian University. He has authored several papers on topics related to tactical emergency rescue and hypothermia. He is planning to explore the disciplines related to post-traumatic hypothermia and thermal insulation of victims. His passions include freshwater aquaristics, keeping a shrimp aquarium.

Michał Madeyski – Head of the Division of Learning Organisation at the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine. Member of the Rescue Team of the Polish Centre for International Aid, participant of the rescue action after the earthquake in Nepal and a medical mission in northern Lebanon. Lecturer in aviation medicine and aeromedical evacuations, a Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) instructor.

The next edition for all interested in safe travelling:  6-7 May 2017, Krakow

PRICE: PLN 500 / person

Price includes: the book “Zdrowie w podróży” (“Travel Health”), course materials and catering.

Payments should be made by 24.04.2017 at the latest to the account of the Polish Medical Mission 62 1240 2294 1111 0000 3718 5444 with the annotation “T4 edycja ogólna” (“T4 General Edition”).

Proceeds from the course will be allocated to the statutory purposes of the association.

Please, address any questions and entries to with the annotation “T4 edycja ogólna” (“T4 General Edition”).

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