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Prostheses for children from Syria

Prostheses for children from Syria

Hebe, a girl who lost both legs in a bombing of Aleppo, will receive prostheses. Thanks to the months of efforts and endeavours of the Polish Medical Mission and the support of the Polish Embassy in Ankara, Hebe will go to school and play with children in the yard again. However, in Syria there are still a lot of children who lost their limbs because of the war and need our help. Among them is three-year-old Maysa, who is an orphan – her parents were killed by the bombs, and she lost a leg.


Maysa is a Syrian child, born in a small, quiet village called Hama. By the time she turned two her father Imad was killed in a bombing of Hama in September 2015. Two months later a bomb fell exactly on Maysa’s house, killed her mother Sawsan, injured her sister Sana and damaged little Maysa’s leg, which had to be amputated. ‘War has no mercy even for such little children,’ says doctor Mansour Alatrash from the Syrian doctors’ organisation Balsam Mediorg which PMM collaborates with and which deals with coordinating the aid to Maysa and also to Hebe – at the moment Maysa is living with her uncle Hussein and grandma Manfya. We tried to fit some simple prostheses for her, such that are available in Syria but they are not suitable for her. ‘She needs a good electronic prosthesis,’ – adds doctor Mansour.


The cost of the prosthesis for Maysa is circa 80,000 Polish zlotys. PMM has already raised half of this amount, we still need 40,000.


‘We want to help Syrian children in two ways. For those who are in Syria and cannot go abroad we finance simple prostheses that are available on the spot, the cost of which is between 4,000 and 6,000 zlotys,’ explains Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart coordinating the aid for Syria. If a child is staying in Turkey they can receive some more professional medical assistance and a better prosthesis. Such one is more expensive but the child will be able to use it for the next twelve years. This is the kind of prosthesis that we would buy for ourselves or for our child if any misfortune should happen to them; electronic and fully professional. One that will allow the child to fully recover and return to normal life.


Maysa and other children are waiting for our help.


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