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PMM patronage for ‘Medics for Africa’

PMM patronage for ‘Medics for Africa’

On behalf of the organisers, we invite you to Szczecin on 20th May for the conference ‘Medics for Africa’ that is taking place under patronage of the Polish Medical Mission.

The most common disease entities, the most interesting clinical cases, the most difficult experiences that our guests had to challenge during their missions; and above all, the answer to the question: why it is just Africa that our invited guests’ activity is centred around: we will have a chance to find out all of this already on 20th May. The participants of our conference will furthermore have an opportunity to learn to what extent the modern medicine takes advantage of the methods that have been used for centuries in the traditional African healthcare. As already mentioned, our idea is not only to show the medical side of Africa but also its historical and cultural side. For this reason, some music accents have been planned.

The symposium planned for 20th May 2017 is not only intended for students and representatives of the medical professions but also each person interested in charitable activity in the territory of Africa. Due to the fact that speakers representing varied specialties, both medical and only indirectly related to medicine, have been invited, each participant will have an opportunity to find something suitable. Among the invited guests, there will be both professors, experienced doctors, young doctors and students representing assorted specialities and fields of study, including general medicine, dentistry and obstetrics. Some of them have only been to Africa once. Others became seduced by Africa to such extent that the return there at every opportunity. That which binds them together is undoubtedly the love for this unusual continent and the communities living there.

The project ‘Medics for Africa’ (being accomplished within the International Medical Students Association IFMSA-Poland) has been operating in Szczecin since 2015. Its goal is not only to familiarise  medical students with the most important problems of the African healthcare service but also to show them the outstanding diversity of this continent – in terms of history, culture and ethnicity. Through participation in meetings with people who have had a chance to provide healthcare in Africa, on the one hand, we desire to show the possibilities of organising such expeditions and on the other hand, to prepare the young medics for the hardships that they will have to face if they decide to embark on such a journey.  It is mainly for these reasons that the idea to organise our conference originated.

The project ‘Medics for Africa’ is vibrantly developing in almost all of Poland’s major academic cities, and the symposia organised within its framework have been gathering numerous lovers of voluntary work. In  Szczecin however, even though the city is renowned as one of the Africanist centres in our country, there have never been an event of this sort of character before. We hope that the conference ‘Medics for Africa’ will ignite in the listeners’ hearts a passion for commencing charitable activity in the countries of the so-called ‘ Third World’, and as a result, at the next year’s edition some of them will not be merely participants but speakers. Because, as it has been said once, ‘Szczecin is doomed for Africa’.

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