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PMM is helping in Papua New Guinea

PMM is helping in Papua New Guinea

Touched by the disturbing news on the situation in Papua New Guinea, which was recently hit by an earthquake, the Polish Medical Mission decided to supply resources for medical aid in this region. The sum of PLN 10,000 will be handed over to the needy through the Catholic Diocese of Mendi.

According to the announcements issued by aid organisations, aid is reaching the needy very slowly, which may result in an increased number of fatalities. Concerned about these reports, we decided to take action. The PMM President, Ewa Piekarska got in touch with the missionaries that we collaborate with in Papua New Guinea in order to find out what sort of aid is needed right now. And on 31st March 2018, volunteers of the Polish Medical Mission are travelling to Papua New Guinea to continue the project activities that we have been carrying out in this area since 2015.

Paweł Pudełko, specialist in urology and Michał Tracz, who has many years’ experience as hospital manager, pharmacist and academic lecturer, will be implementing another PMM medical project in this country. The first stage, to be carried out at the Kundiawa hospital, will be centred around improving the hospital’s performance. PMM volunteers will develop action procedures, books of sanitary regime and other useful rules that will streamline the operation of the hospital; they will also perform analyses of the resources and needs and suggest improvements and actions aimed at further development. Paweł Pudełko will conduct trainings on endoscopic operations and other urological procedures, and will recognise training needs at the relevant faculty of the local medical university. The second stage of the PMM project, to be implemented in place called Mendi, will consist in conducting a fortnight’s course consisting of a series of lectures and workshops directed at so-called health officers in education. The trainings will cover such topic areas as preparation of prescription medicines, also those based on endemic plants, sanitary regime at healthcare centres, first medical aid or rudiments of rational antibiotic therapy.

All of the activities will be carried out in consultation and agreement with Dr Fr Jan Jaworski and the management of the hospital in Kundiawa and Fr Marek Woldan and the mission in Mendi.

Polish Medical Mission has been active in this region since  2015, and based on the knowledge and contacts gained will provide volunteers with all possible logistic and factual support. 

You can support PMM’s activities in Papua New Guinea!

Pay money into account no. 62 1240 2294 1111 0000 3718 5444 with the annotation: Papua

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