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PMM helps refugees from Dara

PMM helps refugees from Dara

Polish Medical Mission will donate 10,000 dollars to immediate medical aid for refugees who escaped to the Syrian-Jordanian border from southern Syria because of air raids in recent days. Provision of quick and effective aid will be possible thanks to the cooperation with PMM’s partner in Jordan, the JHAS International organisation.

In March, the eighth year of the civil war in Syria began; the war that caused almost 6 million people to flee the country. The refugees sought refuge in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and other countries of the region. Now they may be joined by others who left their homes in the last few days running away from air raids. It is estimated that there may be even 270,000 of them. Out of this number, 20,000 are currently camping out at the Syrian-Jordanian border waiting for help. Yaroup Ajlouni, president of the JHAS International and a doctor, visited the border late on Sunday, 1st July to check the refugees’ most urgent needs. On Monday he met up with representatives of aid organisations in order to discuss joint planning of the activities and pledged, on behalf of his organisation and the PMM, pledged support to those most severely injured. PMM and JHAS International will launch two ambulances with personnel and equipment that will transport casualties to hospitals.

PMM is helping Syrians who did not manage to leave the country after December 2016 by funding medicines for hospitals in western Aleppo and Idlib, and in Eastern Ghouta. It is also implementing a project of purchasing electronic prostheses for children with amputations, and in addition to this has launched an orthopaedic centre in Termanin in Syria. PMM’s partner in the action is the Syrian organisation Balsam Mediorg, and the aid for Eastern Ghouta and Termanin was co-financed by the Department of Humanitarian Aid of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

Syrian refugees staying in Jordan receive medical aid at the health care centre in Zarqa where the PMM is implementing its project in partnership with the Terre des Hommes Italy organisation. More about the project here: And in April it started, together with the JHAS International organisation, a project at the refugee camp in Zaatari. More about it here:

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