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Nativity Crib Auction for PMM

Nativity Crib Auction for PMM

On 25th November, at the Celestat at No. 6 Lubicz Street, at 4.30 pm, the Third Krakow Nativity Crib Auction held by the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow will take place. Part of the proceeds from the auction will be devoted to operations carried out by the Polish Medical Mission, which became a social partner of the event.


Polish Medical Mission provides medical assistance in the poorest regions of the world, like Syria, Zambia or Myanmar. The assistance is targeted at those that are most deprived and helpless, i.e. women and children.

‘We will allocate funds raised during the Krakow Nativity Crib Auction to finance professional prostheses for children who lost limbs during bombings in Syria. Thanks to our previous fund-raising events, prostheses have been provided to Nura and Hebe, who are just learning to walk again. Also three-year-old Maysa will soon receive a prosthesis but a lot of mutilated children are still waiting in the queue so money is needed all the time,’ says Ewa Piekarska, President of the Polish Medical Mission.

Magdalena Błachuta from the Promotion and Marketing Department at the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow adds, ‘This year’s Third Auction has a completely new formula. Being a cultural institution that undoubtedly influences the inhabitants of Krakow, we decided to extend our activity by adding social responsibility to it. We do not just support the crib makers who pursue this unique craftsmanship but we also raise awareness among others; therefore, part of the proceeds from the auction will be transferred to the Polish Medical Mission. This way, the colourful nativity crib in which Krakow’s traditions come into sharp focus also provides an opportunity to do good.’


The auction will be preceded by a presentation of Krakow’s custodians of traditions and customs, such as Krakow Nativity Crib, rites of the Shooting Fraternity, procession of the Lajkonik (hobby horse), Krakow Bobbin Lace, Wafer Worlds and the derived Horned Spider of Krowodrza as well as Krakow Paper Cuttings. The presentations start at 1 pm and a debate has been planned at 3 pm, during which its participants – custodians of Krakow’s traditions and inhabitants of Krakow –will talk about how to protect and promote local customs and how to use them most effectively in promoting the city. The debate and auction will be hosted by Łukasz Wojtusik, a reporter of the Radio TOK FM and the Radio Złote Przeboje (‘Golden Hits’).


You can support Polish Medical Mission in two ways, by buying a selected aid kit on PMM’s website or by depositing money into PMM account: 62 1240 2294 1111 0000 3718 5444, with the annotation ‘protezy’ (‘prostheses’).

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