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Maysa can walk again – success of PMM

Maysa can walk again – success of PMM

Three-year-old Maysa, nine-year-old Isra, thirteen-year-old Tawaseef, eleven-year-old Elaf – four girls who lost legs as a result of warfare in the territory of Syria, are taking their first steps on new professional prostheses. Polish Medical Mission had been raising funds for the prostheses since last autumn.

Ewa Piekarska and Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart from the Polish Medical Mission returned on Thursday from the orthopaedic centre in Mersin, Turkey. There they met up with the girls and doctors from the Syrian Balsam Medical Organization.

After several months of fundraising we witnessed Maysa’s and Elaf’s first steps’, says deeply moved Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart, the coordinator of aid to Syria.

Also two 16-year-old boys who lost arms, Hashem and Khaled, received prostheses. Polish Medical Mission had been raising funds for prostheses for Maysa and the five other children since last autumn. Earlier, thanks to the efforts of the Polish Medical Mission and the support from the Polish Embassy in Ankara, twelve-year-old Hebe received leg prostheses. It was also possible to supply a prosthesis for Nura, a mother from Aleppo who lost a child and an arm as a result of a bomb explosion.

In Syria priority concerning prostheses is given to adult men because they have the responsibility to take care of the home and family’, explains Olasińska-Chart, ‘Therefore our actions are focussed on helping those who do not receive this help on the spot, i.e. women and children. The purchase would not be possible if it were not for the support and involvement of people across Poland. Thus, Polish Medical Mission is approaching the end of the project aimed at purchasing 10 modern electronic prostheses for Syrian children and women, according to the declaration made.’

The tenth child for whom the Polish Medical Mission is raising funds is seven-year-old Maya Marhi from the region of Aleppo, who lost both legs. The girl comes from an extremely poor family. She is living in a tent in a village. In order to protect the stumps she uses empty food tins. You can help the girl in two ways: buy a selected aid kit on PMM’s website: or pay money into the account of the Polish Medical Mission: 08 1240 4650 1111 0010 4607 7315.