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Helping at the summit

Helping at the summit

5895 m a.s.l. is the altitude at which the highest located marathon in the world started. In order to take part in the run its participants first had to climb the summit on their own. Medical care was provided for them by the Polish Medical Mission. Collaboration at the Kilimanjaro Extreme Marathon was an opportunity for the PMM to discern the conditions and needs of the mountain rescue services on the highest mountain of Africa. The association is planning to initiate education activities in this region of Tanzania.

            ‘Each year Mount Kilimanjaro is climbed by more and more people, and these are increasingly better organised and equipped expeditions; and yet, the quality of the medical assistance provided to those injured on the way leaves a lot to be desired,’ says Ewa Piekarska, President of the PMM, who took part in climbing the peak during the Kilithon; ‘We have in our ranks volunteers with appropriate knowledge and experience to train Tanzanian rescuers and to improve the level of assistance. This will be an expansion of the scope of our activities on the African continent where among other things we conduct trainings in specialist rescue,’ announces Ewa Piekarska.

Education of medical staff is, besides providing direct medical assistance, one of the basic tasks that are being carried out by the Polish Medical Mission in various regions of the world. Raising the level of knowledge gives long term results, and employees trained by the PMM and working at hospitals and health care centres and posts, as well as mobile clinics, where access to medical care is considerably limited, pass on their knowledge to others. The Association wants to carry out such a project in Tanzania. Ewa Piekarska has established contacts with the management of the national park where Mt. Kilimanjaro is situated as well as with the Polish embassy in this country; the talks are under way.

Kilimanjaro Extreme Marathon is the highest located marathon in the world that took place in December 2017. The starting line was at the summit of the highest mountain of Africa. The mastermind behind it is a Pole, MichaƂ Gawron. Polish Medical Mission, represented by Anna Gregorczyk and Ewa Piekarska, provided medical assistance to its participants.

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