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In Kakoge, Uganda, at the Franciscan Health Centre IV, the Polish Medical Mission has been conducting educational projects since 2013; their objective is to improve qualifications of the medical personnel. Additionally, it takes care of the infrastructure of the centre by financing renovations and delivering essential equipment.

Kakoge a large village located in the province of Nakasangola in northern Uganda, in the bush. The main trunk road connecting Kampala, the capital of Uganda, with South Sudan runs through its centre. Polish Franciscans have been working in the village for over ten years and have contributed to the development of this place – they have built a mission, deep wells, schools, wherein a primary school, a vocational and a secondary, as well as the Health Centre, i.e. a small hospital and outpatient clinic. Every month, approx. 240 patients come to the Health Centre with various ailments; 40 a month are hospitalised. There are 23 beds in the hospital. Among 13 medical workers, nurses, laboratory technicians and feldshers, there is only one doctor. The most common surgical conditions are abscesses and hernias.

PMM commenced aid activities at the centre in Kakoge in 2013 with carrying out the necessary refurbishments. The operating theatre was renovated and rebuilt. The hospital was provided with protection against power shortages by purchasing a power generator and UPSs that supply backup power until the generator starts working. The hospital has also received the essential equipment, including that for the operating theatre. Also, the first training operations have already been performed – hernia operations on over 40 adults.

In the next stage of the project, implemented in 2014, PMM purchased and ambulance for the centre to enable quick transport of victims of traffic accidents to the hospital and to transport patients who require more advanced treatment to hospitals in the capital of the country. Sixty training operations were performed for the local health care personnel; the paediatrician examined 300 patients, including 100 girls at puberty and 20 pregnant women. PMM has also equipped the centre with a refrigerator for storing blood and vaccines.

PMM continued support to the centre in 2015. The delivery room and the medical posts were equipped with the missing elements of apparatus for proper obstetric care. The centre personnel were trained in gynaecology and obstetrics as well as paediatric care and surgery: 32 training operations were performed on hernias in children. Thanks to the supply of the necessary equipment for the ambulance, it was possible to launch a mobile clinic and provide basic medical and obstetric care to inhabitants of villages in the district of Nakasangola. Local health workers from 15 villages were trained in hygiene, medical education, care of pregnant woman and then mother and neonate.

The activities that were carried out in recent years and will be continued are focussed on education and improving qualifications of the centre’s personnel. In October and November 2017, two doctors from Poland: Renata Popik, a surgeon, and Olga Stańkowska, an anaesthesiologist, for three weeks preformed training operations at a Ugandan health care centre and thus educated the local personnel. In total, 34 training procedures were performed, primarily hernia operations.

In 2018 we will be continuing our activities in Kakoge.

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Project's partners

PMM projects in 2013-2015 were co-financed within the framework of the Polish Development Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Rozliczenie PIT we współpracy z Instytutem Wsparcia Organizacji Pozarządowych w ramach projektu dla OPP