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Since April 2019, the Polish Medical Mission has been implementing the project in Tanzania. In cooperation with a local partner ‒ St. Walburg’s Hospital in Nyangao we concentrate our attention on training medical staff, creating an ambulance team, equipping the hospital in Nyanagao with all necessary equipment, renovating the gynaecology ward, equipping the surgical clinic in Mtwara, as well as developing the nursing school in Nyanagao.


The region where are activities will be concentrated is one of the poorest areas of the country. Many patients from regions located around 250‒300 km away, such as Lindi and Mtwara (with around 2 million inhabitants) as well as from adjacent Mozambique visit the hospital in Nyangao. Hospitals offering a similar level of treatment are situated in the capital city which is 500 km away.


Tanzania faces the challenge of improving the availability and quality of medical treatment, which, due to a shortage of medical staff especially in smaller centres, is a difficult task. According to the World Bank data from 2016, there are 262 surgeons per 57 million inhabitants of the country. It is even more problematic since the number of road traffic crash victims with injuries is increasing rapidly. Often there are supply shortages of equipment, medication and medical materials.


As in previous years, also this year our involvement will be concentrated on providing help and assistance to mothers and children (newly born babies and children up to the age of five) in Lindi and Mtwara, and on improving the quality of medical surgical assistance. In fact, it will be the continuation of the last year's project co-financed from the funds provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the programme of Polish development assistance, as well as the projects from 2015, 2016 and 2017 implemented as part of the Polish assistance in the form of Small Grants Programme.


Detailed project activities include, i.a.:


The project entitled: “Improvement of the quality of surgical treatment, and mother and child care in Lindi and Mtwara, Tanzania. Continuation.” will be implemented between 2019 and 2020.


The project is co-financed as part of the programme of Polish development assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.


Project's partners

The project is co-funded within the framework of the Polish Development Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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