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On 1st April 2018, the Polish Medical Mission commences implementation of the project ‘Improvement of the quality of surgical treatment and care of mother and child in the regions of Lindi and Mtwara, Tanzania’. The project will be focussed on providing aid to the hospital in Nyangao, in the south-eastern part of the country.

The main problems that Tanzania is struggling with in the area of surgical treatment is the shortage of adequate medical staff, especially physicians (ca. 100 surgeons per 50 million of population), shortage of the basic equipment, medicines and medical materials as well as the rapidly increasing number of patients with injuries, mainly victims of traffic accidents.

Like our aid so far in this region, this year’s PMM project in Tanzania will be focussed on care of mother and child – neonate and up to the age of five, as well as enhancement of the quality of surgical care, which would be a continuation of the hospital projects from 2015, 206 and 2017, carried out within the Small Grants System of the Polish Aid. Training activities on location will last several weeks each and will be conducted by Polish doctors, an orthopaedist and a gynaecologist / obstetrician.

Detailed activities within the project include:

- continuation of internships at the surgical department of the Nyangao Hospital for doctors from hospitals in the local hospitals in the regions of Lindi and Mtwara, for 8 persona;

- a seminar for doctors from 12 local hospitals on treating injuries;

- trainings for the personnel, including seminars and practical trainings at the hospital for nurses and midwives;

- reconstruction of the operating theatre;

- supplementing surgical instruments in operating and wound-dressing rooms;

- exchanging lab coats and operating linen;

- funding treatment of so-called obstetric vesico-vaginal fistulas;

- funding histopathological examinations at the hospital for a year;

- provision of clothes and personal equipment for the delivery room staff, such as lab coats, shirts and trousers, protective eyewear, protective wellingtons, plastic protective coats;

- improving the condition and equipment of the delivery room: refurbishment and provision of indispensable tools, appliances and furniture;

- retrofitting of equipment at the obstetric department and minor repairs of the existing equipment;

- providing local midwives with midwife backpacks.

St. Walburg’s Hospital is a middle-sized (200 beds and 4 basic departments) mission hospital in the poorly developed south-eastern part of Tanzania. The hospital, which cooperates with the local administration, also fulfils the function of the District Hospital. The hospital’s area of operation covers Lindi Rural District with 200,000 inhabitants. As a matter of fact, its range of operation is even greater because the hospital enjoys a good reputation and offers a level of treatment, especially surgical and orthopaedic treatment as well as care of mother and child, that is much, much higher than at other local institutions. A lot of patients come here from remote places in the regions of Lindi and Mtwara, 250-300 kilometres away, having a population of 2 million, as well as from the neighbouring part of Mozambique. Hospitals offering similar level of treatment are located in the capital 500 km away.

Project's partners

The project is co-funded within the framework of the Polish Development Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.