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The war that has been raging in Syria since 2011 has turned the country into a ruin; 6 million Syrians left their homeland and hundreds of thousands lost their lives or health. Among the most frequently performed operations are amputations of limbs – injured during bomb raids and untreated due to the lack of access to medical care.

In April 2018, the Department of Humanitarian Aid of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister supported the activity of the Polish Medical Mission and donated PLN 1,979,000 to the orthopaedic centre in Termanin, in the north of Syria. The centre was closed in November due to the shortage of funds, and the production of prostheses for mutilated Syrians was stopped.

The rebuilding and relaunching of the centre was possible thanks to the resources allocated by the Chancellery. The funds enabled provision of medical materials for the production of prostheses and medical equipment to the centre as well as employment for prosthetists and physiotherapists.

From April to May 2018, almost 30 prostheses were made at the hospital and nearly 130 patients were registered. We estimate that during the coming 10 months, 300 mutilated women and children will receive prostheses and then undergo the process of motor rehabilitation.

In Syria, priority concerning prostheses is given to adult men because they have the responsibility to take care of the home and family; therefore, the actions of the Polish Medical Mission are focussed on helping those who do not receive this help on the spot, i.e. women and children. Since December 2016 we have been collaborating with Syrian doctors’ organisation, the Balsam Medical Organization that makes sure that our aid goes to the neediest ones.

Thanks to the fund raising collections all over Poland we financed a professional electronic arm prosthesis for Nura Nataah – a young mother form Aleppo, as well as top quality leg and arm prostheses for ten children from Idlib and Aleppo. As a result of this, they are now returning to the normal life – to their schools and fun activities with their peers.

We also finance supplies of life-saving medicines, dressings, anaesthetics and disinfectants. They are delivered to doctors working at hospitals run by the Balsam Medical Organization. In 2018, we donated a total of PLN 185,000 for medical aid to the Al Hayat hospital in Eastern Ghouta – it was the first medical aid delivery from Poland that reached that region in the period of the most intensive raids and shootings.

You can support our actions in Syria by purchasing a selected aid kit on: or by transferring money into the PMM account: 08 1240 4650 1111 0010 4607 7315.

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