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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Tropical shores of Papua New Guinea are a kingdom of malaria, tuberculosis, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and the so called dirty hands diseases. Test results show that over 25% of population is obese. In the central, mountainous part of the country, people have problems with food, respiratory diseases (including pneumonia in young children which is particularly dangerous), parasitic diseases. There are no accurate statistics available.
Our actions include:
1. Providing emergency medical care (improving citizens’ state of health, facilitating access to a doctor for people living in hard to reach areas, villages located in inaccessible mountainous area);
2. Screening the population – following the report on the state of health of the studied population;
3.) Educational campaigns and increasing citizens health awareness (lectures on: health promotion, personal hygiene, prevention of diseases transmitted by insects and parasites, prevention of infectious diseases, including sexually transmitted infections);
4.) Training the local medical staff in a simple surgical solutions, diagnostics and effective treatment in relation to the resources.
4 volunteers work in Papua New Guinea: Joanna Fąferek (paramedic), Jerzy Jaskuła (paramedic), Przemysław Lipiński (specialist in general surgery) i Ewa Piekarska (specialist in public health).
Jurek and Przemek’s residency is co-financed under the Polish Development Cooperation Programme of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Project's partners

The Project co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

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