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In 2015, under the project "Effective methods in medical education, emergency medicine and preventive care", patients and nursing students have been trained in the field of prevention of infectious diseases and family planning, personal hygiene, children's nutrition and proper food preparation in MCH (Mother and Child Health).
Additionally, in collaboration with a gynecologist from Great Britain, we organized trainings in neonatal resuscitation for students.
Patients came from Kaloleni town and surrounding villages and they were children, youth and adults with a variety of medical problems.
Main departments where volunteers work in a hospital are: „Outpatients” (equivalent to an emergency department); MCH (Mother and Child Health); CCC (Comprehensive Care Clinic); Theatre (operating room), Maternity. Additionally, in collaboration with a gynecologist from Great Britain, we organized trainings in neonatal resuscitation for students.
Moreover, volunteers’ scope of work has been extended to other health care facilities in the region. Schedule of these actions included all levels of access to health care, taking into account:
– meeting local health leaders (volunteers) and site inspection in some of neighbouring villages,
– medical post in Mgaboni and Makanzani
– village state hospital in Jibana
– St. Lucas mission hospital in Kaloleni
– district state hospital Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombas.
As a result, we could gain a comprehensive knowledge of the medical capabilities and access to health care in this region of Kenya.

The project was co-financed under the Polish Development Cooperation Programme
Of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Project's partners

The Project co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

Rozliczenie PIT we współpracy z Instytutem Wsparcia Organizacji Pozarządowych w ramach projektu dla OPP