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Since August 2017, the Polish Medical Mission has been supporting the health care centre in Zarqa, Jordan. Thanks to the daily work of doctors and nurses in 2017, 3,314 people were provided with free medical care: 2,465 women and girls and 849 boys. Furthermore, 64 patients who required specialist medical care were referred to specialised medical facilities. Children received paediatric care and girls and women – gynaecological and perinatal. The health care centre in Zarqa was supplied with medicines as well as medical and laboratory supplies necessary for its ongoing work. Each patient received a prescription and then was able to collect their medicines free of charge. A mobile outpatient clinic was also purchased, equipped with a mobile ultrasound machine and a foetal monitoring device, which will enable prenatal home visits. The personnel of the health care centre in Zarqa was trained on medical care of mother, neonate and child.

Since January 2018, Polish Medical Mission has been continuing its activities in Zarqa. A partner in the project is Terre Des Hommes Italy. 70% of beneficiaries will be refugees and people internally displaced, 30% will be the local population.

Project objectives:
- improving the quality and accessibility to the basic medical care;
- enhancing health immunity;
- improving hygiene conditions;
- support for the national system of health care for the local population, displaced persons and Syrian refugees in the Governorate of Zarqa in Jordan.

Within the framework of the project, a health care centre coordinator will be employed; this person will be responsible for the work of the medical personnel and the pharmacist as well as other personnel: social care providers, Syrian and Jordanian helpers and medical promoters. Medical workers and social care providers will work at the centre five days a week. With regard to medical assistance, the project will include gynaecological and perinatal care for girls and women as well as paediatric treatment of children. Patients requiring specialist therapy will be referred to specialised medical facilities.

Also social care providers and medical promoters will be hired, and their task will be to encourage families living in remote areas to visit the centre and to monitor their current needs.

PMM will also launch a mobile outpatient clinic with full equipment, which will provide care to people living in remote, hard to reach areas and disabled persons. Its personnel will consist of a GP, a nurse, a medical promoter and a driver.

The management, medical and non-medical personnel of the health care centre and the mobile outpatient clinic, as well as the medical promoters (altogether 45 people) will be trained on mother and neonate health, also by a gynaecologist and obstetrician and a paediatrician from Poland.

At the centre, there will be 8 open days during which inhabitants of Zarqa Governorate will take advantage of free examinations and consultations and will take part in four promotional meetings on breastfeeding, nutrition, hygiene and methods of family planning. The meetings will be held by medical promoters.

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Project's partners

The project 'Support for basic medical care, maternal, newborn and child healthcare and improvement of hygienic standards for local community, IDP and Syrian refugees in the Governorate of Zarqa in Jordan' is co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.