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Due to the war in Syria, Jordan affiliated approximately 1.4 million Syrians, of whom more than 670,000 are refugees registered with UNHCR. Most of them live outside refugee camps - in urban and rural areas, and at informal campsites. This is where our mobile unit often arrives in with medical assistance, often providing the only opportunity to contact a doctor.

For a Syrian refugee, the biggest everyday challenge is to provide his family with shelter and food. In the third place, there is always the issue of access to medicines and medical care.

Together with Terre des Hommes Italy and Soldiers' Family Welfare Society, we bring medical care for the Jordanians and Syrians in the Zarqa and Mafraq Governorates. The youngest patients receive help from a paediatrician, and girls and women are provided with comprehensive perinatal care.

The mobile unit (equipped, among others, with mobile ultrasound scan, foetal monitor, and medicines) every day reaches people who live in distant, poorly communicated areas, and patients with disabilities. For them, this is often the only opportunity to contact a doctor and receive free medicines.

Medical promoters will take part in a training in the field of medical care for mothers, newborns, and children, and the health centre in Zarqa will be opening its doors to the entire city community eight times a year. The patients will be able to receive medical consultations and undergo basic medical check-ups (among others, vision, hearing, blood pressure or sugar level tests).

The ‘Medical care for women and children living in underserved areas of Zarqa and Mafraq Governorates in Jordan’ project implemented by the Polish Medical Mission in the years 2019-2020, received financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the amount of PLN 1,100,000.

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Project's partners

The project ‘Medical care for women and children living in underserved areas of Zarqa and Mafraq Governorates in Jordan’ is co-financed within the framework of the Polish development cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

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