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Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan

The Polish Medical Mission, together with the Italian organisation Terre Des Hommes, continues activities aimed at supporting basic and specialist medical care for refugees from Syria and displaced Iraqi families staying in five camps for Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons in the Erbil Province. We help families in the following camps: Baharka: 4,188 people, Harsham: 282 people, Qushtapa: 7,610 people, Darashakran: 11,405 people, Kawergosk: 7905 people. In total, about 32,000 people receive help.

Medical care in this region is very limited. Camp residents have access to first aid only and are not covered by specialists', internists' or paediatricians' care.

The Polish Medical Mission has opened a mobile clinic where two physicians are employed. The clinic provides specialist medical consultations for children and mothers living in the camps. Additionally, the clinic physician and two nurses register cases of health losses concerning, inter alia, eyesight, hearing, motor disability, skin lesions, tumours and the effects of chronic diseases. Patients' insulin levels and blood pressure are checked regularly and they also have access to free drugs.

A training session on life-saving techniques has been conducted for 25 members of the medical staff working at the camps and on hygiene promotion (for 50 employees of the partner organisation). Specialist medical equipment has also been purchased for the central medical laboratory in Kalar (Diyala Province) – haemoglobin analyser, haematology analyser, immunology analyser, biochemical analyser and microscopes.

The Polish Medical Mission also continues activities started in 2017 related to dental care for 800 families in Alwand 1 camp in the Diyala Province, funding the operation of a dental unit along with a local dentist.

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Project's partners

The project "Support for basic medical and emergency care, improvement of hygiene conditions and medical education of the local population, IDP and refugees in the province of Diyala" done in 2018 is co-financed by the Development Cooperation Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.