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Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan

PMM continues medical assistance in Iraqi Kurdistan. In May 2019, a mobile clinic with two doctors: a gynecologist and pediatrician, a nurse and a pharmacist began medical consultations in two camps for internally displaced families - Baharka and Harsham, taking care of approximately 6,000 residents in total. The Polish Medical Mission is the only organization that provides medical assistance in these camps.

Primary medical care centers, consisting of several units, operate in both camps. They include doctor's offices, an analytical point, a pharmacy and patient registration. For the first time, patients are registered in an electronic system, online, which allows you to securely store data in the cloud. Doctors enter patient data using tablets and have full access to diagnostic information and the treatment process.

Dental offices work at full speed in the Baharka and Qushtapa camps. There are 7610 Syrian refugees in Qushtapa who have not had access to a dentist for 4 years. Dentists receive patients every day, two doctors work in Qushtapa and two doctors in Baharka. Polish dentist, Katarzyna Errorek-Grzelczak, helped set up and organize the work of both offices.

The children's corner is open in the Baharka camp. This is the only such place in all refugee camps, children can draw or colour books while waiting for a doctor's appointment.

We invite you to the photo gallery:

The entrance to the first aid center in the Baharka camp clearly shows what is behind the door of the unit.

In the offices, there are cabinets of a gynaecologist and paediatrician Dr. Zenah Idris and a general practitioner Dr. Arhawan Mohammed. Their offices are cozy, the walls are decorated with Polish posters for the treatment of children, which makes the walls colorful and friendly for little patients.

Two doctors, Dr. Sana Taher and Sana Jawdat, work in the dentist's office at Baharka camp. They both are passionate about their profession and thanks to them patients regain a beautiful smile.

Pharmacist Farah Khawaja bursts with energy and infects all employees and patients of the clinic with good mood. Her kingdom is a pharmacy with impeccable cleanliness and order.

No one will get into the doctor's office unless they register at Lewzy Fahad's desk. Thanks to the electronic registration system, everyone knows their number in the queue for the doctor’s visit.

When mothers register for a medical consultation, children spend time drawing or colouring books.

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Project's partners

The Project “Establishment of primary health and dental care for refugees, IDPs in the camps in Erbil governorate” is co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

Rozliczenie PIT we współpracy z Instytutem Wsparcia Organizacji Pozarządowych w ramach projektu dla OPP