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Donate 1% of your tax to mothers and children

Donate 1% of your tax to mothers and children

For 19 years, the Polish Medical Mission has been working towards improving the level of health care in many regions of the world. Volunteers and specialists reach places where there are no doctors, health care centres or pharmacies available on a daily basis. Our efforts are centred around providing immediate medical assistance and educating the local personnel. Raising the level of knowledge gives long-term results, and employees trained by PMM and working at hospitals, health care centres and mobile clinics in territories where access to medical assistance is very limited pass on their knowledge to others. The main recipients of our assistance are mothers, children and pregnant women – the most helpless in the face of the effects of wars, natural calamities and malnutrition.


Support our work! Donate 1% of your tax to aid mothers and children

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In 2017 Polish Medical Mission operated in many regions of the world:

- in Azerbajdzhan volunteer physiotherapists conducted trainings for 40 people: therapists and parents of disabled children;

- in India, together with our donors we founded scholarships for seven children for the whole school year, we provided them with tuition and places in a student hostel;

- in Iraqi Kurdistan we launched the second mobile clinic in the district of Kolay, which enabled doctors, pharmacists and educator to visit already 11,000 patients; we equipped the hospital in Khanaqeen with a dental surgery, and in the Alwand 1 camp we launched a dental consulting point – nearly 5,000 are taking advantage of it; we delivered 7,800 hygiene kits for 890 families living in the camp;

- in Jordan we supported the health care centre in Zarqa, taking care of refugees from Syria and the local population; 1,300 children received paediatric treatment and 1,300 women and girls were provided with gynaecological and perinatal care; we also purchased a mobile outpatient clinic with full equipment, intended for home visits;

- in Malawi – we supported a five-week-long stay of a volunteer, a specialist in internal and pulmonary diseases as well as a year-long stay of an orthopaedic surgeon and a logistician, which resulted in immediate medical assistance to the hospital patients as well as trainings for the personnel and provision of additional equipment to the facility;

- in Myanmar – we built a local health care centre comprising a delivery room that receives 1,600 patients a month; we provided medical care and access to free medicines to over 600 children and over 300 pregnant women; we continue our trainings for 90 midwives on perinatal health and WASH; we vaccinated 280 school age children against hepatitis B; we trained 200 pregnant women on health during pregnancy, neonatal care as well as contraceptive methods;

- in Papua New Guinea – three volunteers, a surgeon, a dentist and a pharmacist, conducted trainings on curing wounds and basics of using vacuum pumps and treating pain, converting dosages, oral hygiene, preparing tooth cleaning powder; they performed 101 surgical procedures, received 376 dental patients in whom 233 extractions and 240 fillings were performed;

- in South Sudan – we delivered funds for purchase of monthly portions of food and specialist health supplements for 2,000 people;

- in Syria – since December 2016 we have been working together with Syrian doctors from the Balsam Medical Organization; we have handed over more than 120,000 zlotys for the functioning of two hospitals in western Aleppo and Idlib – medicines and medical equipment; we have also donated 59,000 zlotys for the purchase of an arm prosthesis for a young mother from Aleppo, Nura Nataah; and 15,000 zlotys is the value of parcels of clothes, food, toys and school stationeries for Nura’s and Hebe’s families; we have raised 80,000 zlotys for leg prostheses for Maysa and Hashem;

- in Uganda – two female volunteers – a surgeon and an anaesthetist – performed 34 training procedures, mainly hernia operations;

- in Zambia – we are carrying out a 6-month feeding project thanks to which aid reaches 500 children.


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Donate 1% of your tax to us KRS 0000162022

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