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Christmas Eve beyond borders

Christmas Eve beyond borders

Polish Medical Mission is organising a gathering for repatriates and foreigners

            This coming Sunday the Catholic Church is celebrating the World Day of Migrants and Refugees. Pope Francis entitled his message for this year’s holiday with the words: Welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating migrants and refugees. PMM supports refugees outside Poland’s borders, carrying out projects in Iraqi Kurdistan, Jordan or Syria, but also foreigners staying in our country.

As a summary of the project ‘Yes, You can!’, being carried out last year, the PMM organises a Christmas Eve & New Year gathering on Sunday, 14th January at 2 pm at the Dom Polonii, Rynek Główny (Main Square) in Krakow, and invites project beneficiaries but also the repatriates that it supported in previous projects. 

People to whom the PMM provides its assistance with respect to integration and labour market activation are both refugees and economic immigrants that come to Poland in search of better jobs and development conditions for their children. Very frequently, these are people with higher education and extensive professional experience, who must begin their career in our country with simple jobs in order to learn the language and find a proper place in the Polish labour market. Projects such as ‘Yes, You can!’ help them on their way.

The Christmas Eve & New Year gathering will be an opportunity to summarise, in a festive manner, the effects of 12 months of professional trainings, courses in Polish and foreign languages, meetings with a career consultant, as well as to meet and talk about foreigners’ situation in Poland.

            The project ‘Yes, You can!’, which has been carried out in Krakow by the Polish Medical Mission since 2017, is financed by the State Street Charities Aid Foundation. The aim of the project is to facilitate integration of foreigners through teaching Polish to them as well as supporting them in finding their place in the labour market in Poland thanks to professional and vocational courses and trainings with career consultants. At present, immediate assistance is being provided to over 50 people, mainly from Ukraine.

We thank BP Polska, Superpharm, the Municipal Office of Krakow, the Wydawnictwo Literackie Publishing House, the ZNAK Publishing House, the Ziaja company, Yves Rocher and the Rossman brand for their support in preparation of the gathering.