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Children from Aleppo will come to Cracow

Children from Aleppo will come to Cracow

Polish Medical Mission submitted the reqeust to President of Krakow, prof. Jacek Majchrowski to invite five Syrian children to Krakow and cover the expenses of their medical assistance, prostheses and rehabilitation. PMM is happy to announce that Krakow's President accepted our request.

On December 28, the Polish Medical Mission started collecting funds for the purchase of medicines for the sick and wounded fleeing Aleppo. Our goal is PLN 80,000 or USD 20,000 which will enable the functioning of two hospitals, in Idlib and western Aleppo, until March 2017.

One of the biggest needs are prostheses. Due to the untreated infections and wounds, many children and teenagers had their arms or legs amputated. We will try to get special assistance for this group of patients.

            We work directly with a Syrian medical organization, the Balsam Medical Organization, the doctors of which operate in 2 hospitals, 3 medical points and 2 small first aid points. The hospital in western Aleppo is called Alryh Almorsalah, meaning Good Wind, and the hospital in Idlib is called Auday, after from the name of an employee of an emergency unit who was killed during a rescue operation.

            According to data provided yesterday to Małgorzata Olasinska-Chart, the coordinator of the help for Aleppo, by MD Monssour, the coordinator of the work of 14 doctors from the Balsam Medical organization, 519 patients were there in the two hospitals and medical facilities in the last two weeks, there were, of which 352 were refugees from Aleppo.  A total of 40 general surgeries took place, 35 amputation procedures (including 15 children), 321 patients received the necessary medical assistance. The refugees from Aleppo have infected wounds from firefight and injuries caused by collapsed buildings. There are no medicines for general anaesthesia, antibiotics, dressings.

In the Auday hospital in Idli jhb, there are only 19 beds, before the crisis, approx. 140 patients per month could get help there and approx. 330 surgeries and consultations were performed. When the residents of Aleppo began to leave the city en masse after the ceasefire, these numbers doubled. Doctors provided consultations for almost 2,900 children under 5 years of age, with the trauma of war, malnourished and sick.

You can help with us! Go to and buy a selected set of drugs or deposit any amount to the account: 62 1240 2294 1111 0000 3718 5444