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Children for Children – Prosthesis for Isra

Children for Children – Prosthesis for Isra

‘If every pupil in my school donates one zloty out of their pocket money, then I will collect the first 500 zlotys of the 6,000 zlotys that is needed for a leg prosthesis for 9-year-old Isra from Syria – a girl who smiles despite her enormous suffering’, thought Anuszka, pupil of class 6 of primary school No. 75 in  Warsaw. She contacted the Polish Medical Mission and initiated the action Children for Children.

Anuszka herself writes about the action as follows, ‘Last year I wrote a letter to Santa Claus and asked him to give the money for my presents to people who suffered during the war in Syria. This year I would like to do something more, to help a girl who even though she is small has already experienced a lot of trials in her life. Isra lives in Syria, her parents and sister were killed in the war and she herself lost a leg. I am only 11 years old and I cannot do much for Isra on my own. But if you join me, together we can do a lot’.

The assumption is simple: each child can support Isra by handing over one zloty of their pocket money. If the action is joined by children from some more schools, then it will be possible to gather the funds that are needed to purchase the prosthesis. Anuszka, organiser of the action, believes that the positive energy of selfless help will overcome indifference. And that Polish children will show Isra that there are people in the world for whom she is important. On 27th January Isra will be 9 years old. Together we can fund a birthday present for her, one that will change her life.

Isra lost her parents and elder sister on 6th May 2015 after a missile hit the car they were travelling in. Isra was wounded in the leg, which had to be amputated. Isra survived So did her four brothers. Now the eldest of them, Ahmad, takes care of the all of them but the children have no one else in the world.

Isra needs a prosthesis in order to live a normal life. In her war-stricken country she has no chance to get one. She cannot rely on her relatives’ help. And since there is a lack of support and help for her – children must step into action.

Let us give Isra reasons for laughter and a chance for a normal life. So that she might, like her peers in Poland, go to school, run and have fun with friends. One zloty will make the difference.

If you want to join the campaign, collect the zloty coins in your class and make a transfer to the PMM account No. 08 1240 4650 1111 0010 4607 7315 with the title: "Children for children - for Isra"

We thank Anuszka and each child who will get involved in her action for their great heart and goodness!

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