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Aid to children in Malawi

Aid to children in Malawi

On 1st June, we celebrate the International Children’s Day. In Poland this is an opportunity to buy a dream toy or new clothes for you child, or to go on a trip together. Children in Malawi have other dreams: they do not want to lose their sick legs… Uncured injuries, unattended fractures and injuries from walking barefoot cause formation of chronically festering wounds and bone infections. In many cases, treatment of a child results in amputation. But there is a way to prevent it.

We will finance the purchase of a pump for negative pressure wound therapy for small hospital patients in Malawi and save their legs!


We need PLN 10,000 to purchase a vacuum pump. Got to and see how you can help.

Pay money into account 62 1240 2294 1111 0000 3718 5444 with the sign: dzieci z Malawi


We have lots of suppurative bone infections; there are so many children that they queue in the hospital waiting until the only pump in the hospital is free’, says Karolina Siwicka, an orthopaedist and a PMM volunteer, ‘and the vacuum pump is very often the only way to save a leg from amputation’.

Karolina, her husband Piotr and their two children are travelling to Malawi for the second time to do voluntary work as a family. Last time they spent a year there, now they are planning to stay for eight months. As previously, Karolina and Piotr will be working at the Beit Cure hospital: Karolina as an orthopaedist and Piotr as a logistician supporting the operation of the hospital.

Karolina Siwicka encounters a lot of cases of festering wounds in children in Malawi. They are the consequences of fractures that were badly, or never, dressed and untreated injuries – which are common due to the shortage of footwear; and the issues are aggravated by undernourishment as badly nourished organism is too weak to combat infection. Children are often hospitalised very late when the infection has led to changes in their bodies. Despite deep surgical cleaning of the infection, wound take very long to heal. A possible solution is to use a vacuum pump but at the hospital there is only one, donated by a private donor, also through the PMM, so the queue of children waiting until they can use it is very long.

Sometimes a patient must be connected to the pump for several weeks; then other children cannot take advantage of it; and while they are waiting the wound is still festering’, explains Siwicka.

The pump sucks out toxins and bacteria from the wound, closes the wound by means of vacuum and speeds up the process of healing. In the case of infections resistant to antibiotics, due to the lack of effective medicines, negative pressure therapy is the only rescue for the limb. The pump has no adverse effects so it is the best solution of suffering children.


Let us help children in Malawi together!

Let us buy a pump for negative pressure wound therapy for them!

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