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Aid for Aleppo children

Aid for Aleppo children

Between the 6th and the 10th of February, Ewa Piekarska and Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart from Polish Medical Mission were staying in the territory of Turkey, close to the border with Syria. The main purpose of the trip was to hand over the funds and to purchase medications for two Syrian hospitals, as well as to find out about the situation with regard to inviting some Syrian children for treatment in Poland.

PMM provides aid to Syrians through the Balsam Medical Organization, which inter alia runs two hospitals – in western Aleppo and in the province of Idlib. PMM representatives signed a partnership agreement with Balsam Mediorg and the resources gathered thanks to the individual payments from Polish nationals, USD 20,000, were transferred to the account of the organisation as part payment for the medications. The first batch of medications has already been received and handed over to the hospitals, the second will reach them within several days.

Ewa Piekarska and Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart also visited the locality of Kilis, at the Syrian-Turkish border where an eleven-year-old Syrian girl called Hibe lives under the care of her uncle and his family. Three years ago she lost both legs above the knees and there is no aid available for her in Turkey because the prostheses supplied by the Turkish healthcare system were defective and the girl was unable to walk with them. Ewa and Małgorzata also received information on two other cases of children who could not receive aid in Turkey and who might be treated in Poland. PMM envoys also went to the so-called Point Zero in Cilvegozu at the Syrian-Turkish border where thousands of refugees crossed the border and right beyond the so-called grey zone there is a Syrian hospital, Bab Alhawa, where Syrian children are treated and if there is no possibility of helping them, they are sent for treatment to Turkey.

The municipalities of Krakow and Sopot have confirmed their declarations of receiving Syrian children for treatment, and PMM is in constant contact with their representatives. Several other towns expressed their will to provide this kind of aid. However, we are still waiting for the state authorities’ decision if they give their consent for the children and their carers to enter the territory of our country.