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A new volunteer in Malawi

A new volunteer in Malawi

The Siwicki family will soon receive some support in their voluntary work. Arletta Chryścionko is flying off to Malawi on 15th June. There, she will be a volunteer at the CURE Hospital and at QECH at the Pulmonology Department. During her stay in Malawi she will be the guest of Karolina and Piotr Siwicki, who infused their passion for helping in her.

Arletta has been working for 12 years at St. Vincent a Paulo Hospital at the Department of Internal Diseases. This an emergency care hospital so she often encounters patients with severe conditions, sometimes life-threatening, burdened with various ailments covering many different medical areas. For the last three years she also worked at the Department of Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis at the Pomeranian Centre of Infection Diseases in Gdańsk as a specialist in lung diseases. She specialises in internal diseases and lung diseases. She believes that thanks to her experience and involvement she will be able to contribute a lot to the team of doctors working in Malawi and help pulmonology patients, and also to learn a lot. Furthermore, she has been working at St. Lawrence Hospice in Gdynia for 14 years. The work there has taught her patience and perseverance.

Running has been her passion for a year. She devotes every free moment to this sport. The attached photo comes from the Gdynia Women's Run that took place on 30.04.2017.

Arletta wants to take with her to Malawi a portable spirometer. It will serve her during the voluntary work at the hospital as well as field work, and at the end of her stay she will hand it over to the hospital.

If you want to contribute to the purchase of the spirometer, pay some money into PMM’s account: 62 1240 2294 1111 0000 3718 5444 with the annotation spirometer for Malawi.

 We have recently written about Ewa Piekarska’s visit to the Polish family who devote their one-year-long voluntary mission to working at an orthopaedic hospital in Blantyre, Malawi. It is worth adding that even though the hospital specialises in orthopaedics, it also employs general practitioners who often diagnose patients with other severe ailments that have to be cured before the planned orthopaedic surgery. Occasionally, the patients, especially the young ones, have to be fed properly because they are too weak and the surgery might be too burdensome for the organism.